Needlesoup is a small label set up to release music made by off-kilter artists that defy simple definitions and pre-moulded genres. As we don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves (or our artists) you’ll find us releasing delicacies of experimental electronics, eccentric country, punkadelic folk-rock, psychotic hip-hop, and everything in between.

The label is run by Wajid Yaseen, the artist behind various projects (2nd Gen (Mute Records), Uniform (Planet Mu), Ear Cinema, Scrapclub, Modus Arts) and Jenny Lindvall (the skin beater behind Les Natrels).

We put out stuff whenever we can, so our release schedule is a little erratic and unpredictable. All releases are limited to 100 copies only with no re-prints or re-releases, and all our special designs have individually hand-made sleeves – we consider them as tiny works of art in themselves…

We’re about to release a 6 track EP by our nutter of a friend Dave Cloud and his Gospel of Power. We wish we could have released this whilst he was alive but it didn’t turn out that way. Check him out here:

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order the cds here and pay via paypal….cds cost £5 and postage and packaging to within the UK costs £1, Europe is £1.50 and to the US it’s £2

The Rebel – Kufr EP NSCD002 – 5 track EP
Sudden Infant – Three Puppets EP NSCD001 – 3 track EP



Sudden Infant : Joke Lanz and his companions have spread their incredible sounds and actions on many tours across Europe, USA, and Japan. Working in the area of Experimental and Free Music, Sudden Infant builds up complex Noise compositions, using unconventional sound sources, lo-fi electronics and turntables and has a humorous and highly improvised character. The result is abrupt Musique Concrète juxtapositions of spasmodic gibbering and a battery of disorientating electronics

Sudden Infant – Three Puppets EP – NSCD001this is the debut release and is by the renowned artist Joke Lanz under one of his many guises. it’s a 3 track EP featuring some incredibly visceral tracks. Joke has a huge body of work to his name including WAL, Schimpfluch-Gruppe with the performance artist Rudolf, Opposite Opponents and countless others projects. he has collaborated with the likes of Christian Marclay, Annie Stubbs, Z’EV and too many other to mention. unsettling yet beautiful, this EP is a fantastic start to the label and we’re proud to have him onboard.

Listen here :

The Rebel : The Rebel was born Benedict Roger Wallers on September 15th 1971 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Then I had breakfast and did some drawing then i went for a ride on my bike then i had lunch then i made a set-up then i went for a bike-ride then it was tea.  Then i was sent to prison to do community service for 10 years for gobbing at a baby.
There it was that he learnt the harsh lessons of swopping to 3rd person and came out hard, gritty, urbane/urban. With the money left over from buying 3 A’s and a 1 at step he bought a four track which his parents payed for in 1989. Recorded first album “The End of An Ear” 98-90. i mean 89-90, it was about the end of the eighties boo-hoo, chiz, wot no rubbers ekcetera. More albums followed. The
Rebel was calling himself “WALRUS”, a permutation of our surname. Then a girl called agh i can’t remember was doing a folk night open-mic come one come all and do your shite there in edinburgh where “I stayed on my own for a few” years, to quote Him* so i got up a few of my songs for it and presented a sort of anti woman pro-feminist Race/Racist Hate persona, compared v. favorably by one of the audience to Dylan, getting a few laughs, see page 58 for my first stand up gig. George Miller, Edinburgh music legend, was going out with the Rebel’s best friend Felicity, and he wanted to play some drums, by way of relaxation from his professional band The Kaisers, wherein he played guitar, sang and wrote strict 1962 beat songs. He urged me to start a band so i did.

The Rebel – Kufr EP – NSCD002Needlesoup’s second release is by The Rebel, the side project launched by polymath Ben Waller, also known as the frontman of avant-garage band Country Teasers. ‘KUFR EP’ contains 5 ingenious tracks of darkly humorous storytelling and irreverent originality and we love Ben’s style (as much as he loves cricket. As is the way with the label, this release is strictly limited to 100 copies only…..
Listen here :



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