Needlesoup is a small label set up to release music made by off-kilter artists that defy simple definitions and genres. As we don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves (or our artists) you’ll find us releasing delicacies of experimental electronics, eccentric country, punkadelic folk-rock, psychotic hip-hop, and everything in between.

The label is run by Wajid Yaseen, the artist behind various projects (2nd Gen, Uniform, Ear Cinema, Scrapclub) and Jenny Lindvall (the skin beater behind Les Natrels).

We put out stuff whenever we can, so our release schedule is a little erratic and unpredictable. All releases are limited to 100 copies only with no re-prints or re-releases, and all our special designs have individually hand-made sleeves.

We’re about to release a 6 track EP by our friend Dave Cloud and his Gospel of Power. We wish we could have released this whilst he was alive but it didn’t turn out that way.